Feed reader question

… because these days we’re all using Web2.0 technology to read websites, right?

I have dumped Bloglines as my Web v2.0 Reader Of Choice.

See that blue shivering pile in the corner of the garden?

That’s Bloglines that is.

The replacement is Google Reader.

Now some folk might tut and shake their head at my tardiness in adopting Google Reader as my Web v2.0 Reader Of Choice, but the reason I didn’t adopt it earlier comes flooding back to me, now that I’m using the product.

Feed extracts.

A couple of websites I read show up as full-length articles in Bloglines, but they are only reproduced in extract format in Google Reader.

And yet they’re both reading *the same* RSS feeds.

I don’t get it.

So I have just typed the URI (not the feed address) for one of those websites in to the Google Reader subscription bar and guess what?

Yep, I’m now getting the full articles in Google Reader.

So what I have here, in my Google Reader account, are two subscriptions to the same RSS feed in the same Google Reader product, yet one subscription shows an extract of the original, while the other subscription shows the full Monty.


Anyway, it’s an easy fix; I just follow the same process for the half-dozen other RSS feeds that were being truncated by Google Reader, delete the extract feeds and Robert’s your mother’s brother – job done.

I know this RSS reader stuff is so much easier than having to click through to every single website one wants to read on a daily basis, just to check if anything has updated, I just don’t understand where the gremlin in Google Reader’s functionality is.

Anyway, bye-bye Bloglines and welcome to my bosom Google Reader.

And to celebrate, here’s my word of the day:


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7 Responses to Feed reader question

  1. LizSara says:


    It’s you i swear, Reader has never done that to me


  2. Perpetual says:

    Definitely you.


  3. Allister says:

    If you enter the main site URI, Google go find the feed URL. They may also (I have vague recollections) offer to scrape the site in the absence of a feed. So perhaps the full feed is the one found by GR and the partial one is the one they advertise.

    Some of my feeds are excerpted, some are not. One, at least, has changed since I have been reading it – even announced the change – so it would seem it must be entirely at the provider end.

    But what would I know. Tit?

  4. Allister says:

    See how I used URI and URL there, interchangably? Tit!

  5. Masher says:

    I use Yahoo reader, as part of my Yahoo homepage. It also truncates the post.

    But that doesn’t bother me, as I don’t actually read the post on Yahoo reader, but rather just use it to see which sites have updated, then click through to them.

    Tat… is another very small palindromic word.

  6. Vicola says:

    Most of that seemed to me to be written in a strange and foreign language that I don’t understand because I am a techno-tard.

    Except of course TIT.

  7. Brennig says:

    Tit it is then. And me it was (at least, if one believes what the titsayers above have, erm, said).

    Vicola, a feed reader is a website that tells you when any of the websites you regularly read has been updated. That’s the easiest explanation.