Sex – getting an education

This post comes to you courtesy of this post over at my friend Genevieve’s place. So if you don’t like it, go blame her. Not me. LOL!

I’m all in favour of children getting a decent – and as graphically detailed as they can cope with – sex education. I think if we human beings can get through the hormonal stages of puberty knowing what our bodies (and brains) are going through and – if we give in to those urges – know what to do and how not to get anyone pregnant then that’s fcuking brilliant (excuse the pun).

Knowing about everything from masturbation through to vaginal, anal and oral sex, and knowing about contraception, hetero- homo- and bi-sexuality – these are all Good Things.

Sweeping this kind of knowledge under someone’s mental carpet isn’t the way forward – and all but a few religious nutcases agree.

Sadly though, I didn’t get a ‘proper’ sex education at school (all kinds of jokes about getting an improper one aren’t appropriate – as will become clear) and didn’t get any kind of sex education at home. My mother was obviously far too busy putting her practical knowledge of the subject in to practice to spare the time to talk to her No 2 son (and as far as I know, No’s 1 and 3 sons too) about the theoretical side of things.

But that was probably because she was a bitch.

Anyway, moving on.

We didn’t do sex at prep school – not in any kind of curricular exercise anyway.

There were occasional stories of boys from the lower houses getting buggered by older boarders, but without evidence – and boys being boys in the story-telling department – who could say whether these tales were true or just thrown around to scare us?

When I got expelled and sent to a grammar school I missed out on Sex Ed. because they’d all ‘done’ the topic the year before.

So although they weren’t older or particularly wiser, at least they knew what they knew , whilst all that I knew was that there were a couple of boys from middle school who would do one a sexual favour quite freely and there were other boys it would be good to stay away from in the shower.


Is it any wonder I stayed away from girls for so long in to my adulthood?

Which makes me wonder why I’m such a relatively well-balanced person really, sexually speaking.



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4 Responses to Sex – getting an education

  1. Ginny says:

    Woo, my first pingback! 😀

    Well. My first that’s not spam.


    We had sex education at school. It was very “His bit goes in your bit and Bob’s your uncle”, but we had it. The teachers were all very awkward and we were all disgusted. We were shown a lovely video of a women giving birth, which has put me off having children for life due to the placenta, and that was that.

    It’s now that we’re at college they talk about it naturally, and teachers talk about the emotional side of things too.

    I know which one I prefer.

  2. Chloé says:

    We had the giving birth video too…

    Here in the States (at least in some schools) you need to get you parents to sign an authorization to attend Sex Ed.

    I think it’s just plain dramatic.

    But then again I read the other day a piece in the university paper, written by a first year English literature student, about why it was bad to have sex before marriage, and which was a wonder of confusion (between “marriage” and ‘a meaningful relationship”, between “getting pregnant” and “having STDs”, and so on. The best thing – and I know you’ll love it – was starting from the fact that a lowest percentage of people who didn’t have sex before marriage end getting a divorce and arriving at the conclusion that not having sex before marriage was a guarantee of a happier marriage.)

  3. froggywoogie says:

    I had my first sex education with….. my first gf.
    Is that wrong? LOL

  4. Harry says:

    I’m with you froggywoogie.

    However I do accept that some form of sex education is advisable it’s just that I question the current system of ramming it down your throat (so to speak) at the age 9/10.

    I can’t help thinking that it might be quite a good thing if our government got its s**t together and concentrated on giving our children a solid acadmemic education instead of trying to teach 10 year olds about poxy anal sex.

    Frankly I would rather my young children were taught the value of 69 as a number before they are sold its undoubtable virtues as an act.