Beech is still under observation.

The vet will come back in the next week or two and re-assess his condition and prognosis.

I suppose I’ve taken the last couple of weeks to program myself for the worst; I’m resigned to it now. It won’t make things easier, just make the acceptance less difficult to cope with.

Vin, meanwhile, continues to be a star at dressage with two more rosettes for getting placed at Allenshill in the last few weeks.

Vinnie’s a clever boy, very talented – when I’m able to calm him down and overcome his stress levels. At other times he can be a little difficult and a bit of a handful.

I’m planning on taking him out to the Wyre Forest pleasure ride tomorrow – he deserves a bit of a treat.

I’ve been so busy on a combination of the 9-5 and OU stuff lately that I’ve taken my eye off the horse ball (so to speak).

I need to buck up:

* Vin needs a clip
* he’s shortly due his second flu/tet (I accidentally let his course lapse due to a cock-up in scheduling), but they’ve both been wormed in the last couple of weeks (thanks Sue!)
* there are no competitions in the diary

Not good enough, must try harder!


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