All roads lead to Rome

And I shall shortly travel one of them.

Today marks the beginning of a weekend packed with OU-flavoured activities that include a guided tour around the Colosseum (sorry, I mean the Flavian Amphitheatre, to use the correct name) and a trip around a Rothko exhibition.

I shall shortly collect a wodge of Euros to back up my credit card, then I’ll trundle down to Bristol Airport where after much waiting about I’ll eventually be loaded in an aluminium tube and fired towards Rome at a speed of around 600mph.

Oh yes.

Rock’n’Roll lifestyle is me.


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2 Responses to All roads lead to Rome

  1. paula says:

    How do you find the time? I am a midwife with a house-trained husband, 2 children and returning to ou after a 10 year break!! Can barely fit in sleep, work and a guilt-trip for not doing something creative with the boys each day, never mind my long-suffering husband. Think I need 36 hours a day to catch up – enjoy your weekend in Rome, I will be sat in Cyprus, where I work on a military base, watching Gladiator, for research you understand……….Paula

  2. Brennig says:

    Which military base Paula? I saw an awful lot of RAF Akrotiri.

    As to time – I don’t have two children, I guess that’s where I gain some ground.

    I’ve walked past the Colosseum this evening. The one aspect that overpowers everything else is the size. It’s so much larger then even Manchester United’s stadium at Old Trafford.