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This Reality Podcast show #110 – which includes a live phone call with singer/songwriter Jessie Grace, a pre-recorded interview with singer/songwriter Ben Walker, four tracks of musical goodness and a bit of rabbiting about any old thing – hit the world last night.

It’s funny how everything seems so fast and frenetic (and just a little bit frantic?) in the studio, yet suddenly, a whole hour has gone by. Weird.

Anyway, it’s 7.30am Saturday, the sky is blue and clear, the sun has been doing its best to warm the planet for an hour.

This afternoon I’ll drive down to Larkhill, on Salisbury Plain, to walk the cross-country course (twice!) for tomorrow’s BE one-day Event.

And drink hot chocolate. And eat a home-made chocolate brownie.

I believe that walking the cross-country course twice is more than equal to a hot chocolate and a home-made chocolate brownie.

They must, surely, balance each other out?

Before I head southwards I’ll ride Tom this morning. I also need to check the lorry over, make sure that everything I need is stored away in its proper place, and rinse out and refill the water containers

I’m taking a proper groom with me tomorrow. This will be the first time I’ve ever used help in this way.

This could be an interesting experience, having professional help, but I hope that having someone there – to do the grooming, tacking-up, studding-up, lunging, tack-changing between the phases and wash-down afterwards – will reduce my stress levels and allow me to concentrate on the riding.

I just hope that Tom concentrates as much as I will!

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