Nerves, nerves, nerves

pre-competition nerves starting to hit right now

We plan on leaving the yard at 11.30 tomorrow morning. Our times are:

  • Dressage = 15.16
  • Show-jumping = 16.30
  • Cross-country = 17.10

I went down there this afternoon to walk the cross-country and have a good look around at the layout.

I’m starting to wind myself up over the show-jumping, I don’t know why it’s so critical in my head, but the show-jumping is scarier than the cross-country.

The cross-country course is nice, it flows evenly from start to finish, the fences are well-built, the track follows a simple outwards/homewards pattern and the going underfoot is just perfect.

I reckon that the optimum time is going to be somewhere in the 5m 10s – 5m 20s range; it is quite a long course, we might have to push and really motor around to get close to that.

I’ve taken photos of every fence. Where there are big spreads, drops and ditches, I have taken side-views too. This helps me to remember the route, the overall compass of the track (where it twists, turns and doubles back) and also, to help me remember which fences I might need to ask Tom for a little more effort.

There were several falls while I was walking the cross-country today. If we return home smiling and unscathed tomorrow I’ll reduce the size of the photographs of the fences, and post them online.

I’ve spent ages this evening revisiting the route down to Larkhill. Eventually, and after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to reject the route that Google Maps wanted me to drive.

If I was in a car, sure, I’d go their way.

But would I attempt those twisty roads in a 10-T lorry with two horses onboard?

No way.

It’s a bit of a yard outing tomorrow. Laura, Camille and I are taking one horse each round. Owen is competing three – maybe four.

Time for bed. Hope I sleep.

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One Response to Nerves, nerves, nerves

  1. Vicola says:

    So, how did it go? Hope you and Tom are still in one piece, give us an update and preferably some piccies.