You are what you read?

This posts comes courtesy of a couple of gentle digs about a newspaper I tweeted I was reading…

I think it is important to begin by saying that I do not buy a daily newspaper. But I do read the online content of elements of the British press, on a daily basis.

So on a gloriously warm and sunny day when I tweeted, ‘Roadside cafe – fried egg sandwich, mug of tea, borrowed copy of The Sun. Bliss :)’, I got a little bit of stick because I was reading the tabloid The Sun.

But it was, sadly, the only newspaper that the aforementioned roadside cafe had on offer. So what is one to do?

Anyway, the two bits of criticism gave me a little mental prod and I’ve spent some time since then reviewing what newspapers (and/or their online content) I read. And here’s the list of daily visits:

  • The Daily Mail
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Guardian
  • The Independent
  • The Times

So no The Sun. Also, you’ll notice, no Mirror or Express. Except, of course, if I have stopped at a roadside cafe and they’re all that’s available to me.

But if you are what you read, I can’t help wondering what that list makes me?

Anyway, in other news, here’s a very short video of Tom being schooled yesterday:

And here’s another:

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6 Responses to You are what you read?

  1. Tom looks like a very handsome (and slightly feisty) dobbin! I like the videos of him in action.

    Don’t worry about getting stick for reading the Sun, even if it was a one-off. I think that reading tat is relaxing after spending the day at work doing serious stuff. I can’t wait to see the next spat between Jordan and Peter.

  2. I can’t remember the last time I bought a newspaper, I very rarely venture away from the BBC news site, The Guardian or the local rag site (I like to see if I know anyone arrested recently!).

    I think one of them gentle digs may have been from me? I’m by no means a newspaper snob, I’d read just about anything if it was in front of me (The Sun is a last resort though, ha!), given the newspaper dilemma you had in the cafe…”the prosecution rests, m’lord.” 😉

  3. Brennig says:

    Cyn, it was you. You and The Soupster. And I was mortally wounded. Oh yes. Mortally.

    Annie, never mind Jordan and Peter, is it only me that detects a growing gulf between Jordan and her current hubby? And Tom is lovely, ,he’s as gentle as a puppy around the yard, to handle and with people. But he’s an independent-thinker!

  4. Gumpher says:

    I only take the weekends, and that has been subject to rows at Gumpher towers. We both agree on the Sunday Times ( essential for sport) although I prefer The Guardian for Saturday, but I have been defeated and we have The Times, which is cack.

    This, along with my library reading, lasts me for the week, on top of the web. I know it may be redundant, but like a book, I love the tactile nature of the printed word.

    I also love the pull in caff, i used to plan my pre buff (right) journeys by them, The Sun and the Daily Heil are the only reading.

    Best one, Cheltenham North M5, cheeseburger with a full breakfast on top (optional mushrooms)

  5. Brennig says:

    Thanks for the tip Gumph, will look out for that one.

  6. Sally says:

    I went through a phase of buying the Sun/ NOTW at the weekend … along with The Guardian/ Observer & sometimes the Independent. Good for keeping up to date with showbiz gossip — plus some of the stories are hilarious. And you can’t beat headlines like “Mucca chucksa cuppa water over Macca’s lawyer Shacka”. Now, I tend just to read bits of it on-line as it did get a bit boring in the end. 5 pages on Karry Katona’s drug binges etc… duuuuuullll.