Bad Attitude

A selfish day.

I spent the morning at the yard.

This may have involved spending time drinking hot chocolate and gossiping with Sue, Trish, Caroline, Karen, Cheryl, Laura and Christine.

Then I started the lorry. Except I didn’t. It didn’t want to know, so I attached the booster power pack and it changed its mind and roared in to life. Hmm… I’m going to have to keep an eye on that.

Then I schooled Vin who, all things considered, settled down after 20 minutes and started producing some nice work.

I say – all things considered – because there was:

  • Shooting in the wood behind the yard with beaters beating and callers umm calling. And dogs barking
  • Work going on in the yard where a new barn is being built – two large JCBs chuntering around the place and associated workers erm working
  • Karen Laura and Christine readying the lorry, preparing to go out, loading two horses and then erm going out

So all things considered, that Vinnie chose to give me his attention and concentration was pretty damn good really.

Then I nipped in to Worcester to do a little Christmas shopping. Except it was horrid. I left.

I felt in need of a morale-boosting treat so I stopped at a roadside café for a mug of tea and two double fried egg sandwiches.

Then I found my way to a really obscure tack shop where I looked for and bought the only thing I need for my equestrian/equine wardrobe – a tail guard. Except…

While I was there I found a brilliant brilliant pair of Caldene jodhpurs on special. I don’t need to ask if my bum looks big in them. It doesn’t. But something else does.

Then back to the yard where I drank more hot chocolate and cleaned tack. I’ve got lots more tack to clean. I also have to clean Beech’s saddle and bridle and break them down for storage. Just need a little time.

Went home and internetted. And chilled.

This evening I’ve prepared Quorn spag bol then cooked, eaten, washed up, watched X-Factor and Have I Got a Bit More News For You.

I feel as though I’ve been entirely selfish today.

But I’ve also found a little time to dip in to the world news and media and found:
This intelligent, entertaining, informative and well-written article by Toby Harnden about Clinton v Obama. But bloody hell people, it’s in the effing bloody Daily Telegraph ffs!
A lot of words about the Bali Climate Conference. The most staggering fact about this circus is this simple yet largely unreported fact: The number of people who have flown in to Bali to either take part in or observe this environmental conference is… 10,000. Go figure my friends, go figure.

Does any of this make you think the way it’s making me think?

My brain hurts.


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3 Responses to Bad Attitude

  1. Mya says:

    Sounds like Christmas is all sorted for you guys. Hope Spain is good. We’ve had snow here and it’s chuffing cold. And I’m assuming it’s your knees that look big in those jodphurs?

    Mya x

  2. Harry says:

    Yeah, the amount of hot air we’re going to hear about Bali Climate Conference over the next few months will probably be enough to power a medium sized Chinese city.

    Those flight statistics are indeed unbelievable but mate, please – let’s be honest, nothing can stretch the bounds of ones imagination more than the concept of Quorn Spag Bol??

  3. Brennig says:

    Mya: Awwww… you’ve guessed. rofl. According to emails from Spain it’s freezing hard at night but t-shirt warm during the day. Snow has been forecast for this week and according to the tiempo there’s a lot of snow due, while the snow report says the piste ski-ing is excellent and the off-piste is powder.

    Harry: The way I cook it the Quorn spag bol is better than the meat one most people cook. But just imagine… how large was the carbon footprint that was created by 10,000 having the air conditioning on in Bali?