No laughing matter!

I am awake.

And grumpy (a bit).

It’s one AM and I find myself downstairs surfing the interweb for diversions while my brain tries to reset itself to sleep mode once more.

No, I wasn’t woken at this hour by a text from one of The Lovely S’s many time-inconsiderate friends.

No, I was not wok… Oh My God! Tell me that’s not a real tattoo please! I mean, that really must have hurt if it is.

Sorry, where was I?

Oh yes, I was not woken by one of the occasional bouts of work-panic due to looming and improbably scary deadlines.

I was woken by… Holy Fcuk! Look at the size of that one!

I mean, it must be at least 18 inches!

Around the middle!

No, I was woken by the sound of…


The Lovely S is having a dream – she usually does. And they are usually rememberable and vivid.

This one is…


I would probably sleep through the laughing. Probably.

But the ‘Yaaaay!’s would have got to me sooner or later.

I can still hear her. Chuckles followed by a Yaaaaay!

It’s nice. I mean, to be so happy in one’s sleep, right?

My head is nearly in the right place to go back upstairs and try agai… Bloody Nora! Yes, unusually limber!

Well I’ve had my fill of extra entertainment for the evening. It’s time to try sleep again.

I can’t hear anything now. Must either be the interval or the act has ended. I hope it’s the latter.


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2 Responses to No laughing matter!

  1. Ginny says:

    Did you find out what she was laughing at in the end? I’ve been dying to know

  2. Brennig says:

    Hi Ginny. Sadly, she claims she is unable to remember what she dreamt. I’m not altogether sure this is the case as I’ve caught her looking at custard pies with a glimmer in her eyes…