And the world gets more screwed up…

According to this headline in The Daily Mail, a senior circuit judge has been ‘forced to resign after a passionate affair with a male prostitute’.

I find myself asking if the judge’s error was in having ‘a passionate affair’. If, for example, he’d done things ‘the British way’, and had a ‘mildly diverting’ relationship, would the judge’s career be safe?

What if, I muse silently, he’d had a ‘couldn’t really be arsed bothered’ relationship, would the judge be upheld for his emotional independence – and therefore be promoted?

Anyway, in other news…

I’ve noticed that the British Public Broadcaster – that’s the BBC to you and me – has made a recent addition to the page on the BBC News website where they carry links to the British national press.

Here’s what I mean (click on the image for the big picture):

BBC news webpage

Yep, along with national newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph and The Financial Times and all of the usual (former) ‘Fleet Street’ titles, the BBC is now linking to…

The Jewish Chronicle.

Not The Church Times.

Not The Muslim Times.

Not the newspapers of any other faith-based sector.

The reason I’m bringing this up is not because I feel that all religious newspapers should be represented.

As a card-carrying atheist and a believer in a secular society, I feel none of them should be – not on the website of the British National Broadcaster.

And it offends me that the BBC have done this.

I feel a letter of complaint coming on, it shall be addressed to Mark Byford, who holds the post of Head of BBC Journalism and is also the Deputy Director General.

Feel free to join me.

p.s. Has anyone else noticed that within hours of it being announced that Roman Polanski is *not* going to be extradited to the US from Switzerland, Facebook announced that they will, after all, install a panic button for children?

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4 Responses to And the world gets more screwed up…

  1. Vicola says:

    The Jewish Chronicle? That’s really random. And also, as you say, inappropriate. Get your letter of complaint winging its way in as soon as you can. While I admire Switzerland’s chutzpah in standing up to the US, since Britain never does, I do think they could have picked a somewhat nobler cause to make their stand on than refusing to extradite a convicted nonce. As far as I’m concerned, if he did the crime and has been convicted he should do the time, and in a shitty prison with the other nonces rather than his luxury Swiss chalet as well. I don’t really feel that making a few films should release from the obligations of the rest of society, although having seen the behaviour of the Hollywood elite that’s obviusly not how they feel.

  2. Lis of the North says:

    What Vicola said! Re Polanski, what Holywood is in fact telling us is that it’s OK to have inappropriate sexual relations with a minor if you’re in the film industry. I wonder if so many of them would be so quick to rush to defend some perv who did the same to their teenage daughters?
    And re the Beeb, how deeply inappropriate indeed!

  3. There is a phenomena in this country that I just don’t get – why do people have to resign from their jobs because of what they do in their private life? Is he crap at his job…… no…… so what has a passionate affair got to do with it?

    It would be a different matter if his job title was ‘Upholder of Public Morals,’ but it’s not.

  4. Sally says:

    I am very disappointed that RP was not extradited. I really thought he would be.