Video (from the Latin: ‘I see’)

I’m desperately trying to keep this away from a Bristol-related rant. And also I’m going to work hard to keep this away from an ‘Underage and Having Sex’ (which we’re currently watching) rant…

I’m thinking of making a video.

No, really. A proper one, not one of those videos!

My sitcom sits on the hard-disk; finished and ready to get pimped around London. I think it’s not a bad piece of writing, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be setting myself up for the pain and rejection that the odds indicate are going to come my way.

I also think it’s not a bad piece of comedic writing (which isn’t much of an indication of quality, because writing comedy has always been my weak suit).

But, and here’s my problem, I’m having trouble seeing it as a piece of visual… stuff.

And that’s why I’m thinking of making a video.

Because making a video would help me with the visualisation, no? And it would give me an opportunity to fine-tune the screenplay and really help to develop the shooting-script. No?

It wouldn’t be a posh job.

We’re talking a wobbly hand-held or tripod-mounted camera and the whole product subjected to some seriously bad editing.

But the soundtrack would be a killer. And the soundtrack is a significant component of the sitcom.

My dilemma is, unfortunately, twofold.

Dilemma #1. Setting. Apart from the opening scene, all of episode one is set indoors – but in three different sets. But I think that could be OK. This isn’t supposed to be the finished article, and with a little creativity from the props department (me!) and a bucketload of imagination from the viewers (probably no-one), I think we can work around this.

Dilemma #2. The cast. Episode 1 scripts 6 speaking parts and a bunch of non-speaking extras. Even from the position that no-one will be expecting Oscar-winning performances, how does one begin getting the potential company together, where from and – when they’ve been found – what’s the best way of casting?

Hmmm… I think I need to consult an AmDram specialist. Fortunately, I have one at the stables.

In other news…

The girl on the television in the show ‘Underage and Having Sex’ was just talking about how, as a 13-year-old, she had sex for the first time.

She said ‘It happened, I don’t know how’.

Well dear, I could be a million miles off target with this, but I’d hazard a guess that you let him put his cock in your cunt. Is there anything else you need to know?

Tsk, kids.

As you can see, I successfully avoided a Bristol rant, but the ‘Underage and Having Sex’ rant just kind of slipped out. Sorry.

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6 Responses to Video (from the Latin: ‘I see’)

  1. soupy says:

    I don’t understand the dilemma with the setting, what’s wrong with it being indoors?

    To get a cast…

    You could get people to audition through this blog! Get them to video themselves auditioning and upload it to YouTube. You cast from these.

  2. sungirltan says:

    if you really want to torture yourself watch ‘young, dumb and living off mum’

  3. Brennig says:

    Sorry Soupster, I’m deliberately being cagey. The indoors scenes call for a *very* specific setting. But, as I’ve said, I think there’s a work around. Your idea about using the blog is a handy one – and one I’ll probably use, thanks. I just hope there’s plenty of peeps out there in the Chipping Norton area who will get the message. Setting google traps will require thinking. Thanks 🙂

  4. Brennig says:

    sungirltan, I think we did; a couple of months ago,, wasn’t it? I still carry the inner scars. 🙂

  5. There must be a few drama/media groups in your area to help you out?

    As an aside: “…I’d hazard a guess that you let him put his cock in your cunt. Is there anything else you need to know?”

    This made me laugh, therefore I hope this is included in any video/pilot you make 😉

  6. Masher says:

    A video?
    Ooh, can I read for the part of Tony the Pool Boy?