Your Sunday night Information Bulletin is here!

Random stuff appearing in random order…

First (I nearly wrote ‘Fist’ there, but that’s a whole different story) do me a favour?

Can you please check out this trailer for the 2001 film Gosford Park. It’s the ‘official trailer’ that was released in all cinemas and was even included on the official Gosford Park DVD.

Just listen to this guy’s pronunciation of the actors names!

I know! How weird is that?

And the film company released that shit in to the public domain? As an example of how little they care, it’s a brilliant underline.

Anyway, here’s some news.

In a couple of weeks we start presenting a weekly show on UKHDRadio.

It’s a new feature, we’re putting the very final touches to the format, but the rehearsals we’ve made have been pretty good to listen to, and very relaxed to produce.

The idea is that the show will have two presenters, but there will be a rotation on a weekly basis.

So far we have presenters in the UK and New Zealand on board. The New Zealand presenter is Allister, off of The Sitting Duck Podcast.

My quest for a US-based presenter continues.

We’re also going to try to include a lot of 4-minute interviews with artists and musicians.

There, you didn’t see that coming, did you?

No, frankly, neither did we. A bit of a surprise all round.

Here’s another surprise.

I’ve always shunned Autotune, I’ve viewed it as a tool designed to enhance the vocal parameters of people who can’t really sing.

But I love what the Autotuners have done with this guy’s random (possibly drug-induced, though it may be just me who thinks that…) ramblings:

In other news…

I’m watching the Amish documentary on C4.

For some reason I’m shocked that the Amish have no concept of gender equality, and even preach gospels from the Bible that state that equality is wrong – and they also preach from gospels that say that women should not physically wear trousers, let alone wear the trousers in a relationship.

Still, the Bible also tells me that it’s cool to keep slaves and that I can sell my daughter to a total stranger if I want to.

And it also says that it”s perfectly acceptable to stone people to death for a variety of things.

So that’s OK, then.

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6 Responses to Your Sunday night Information Bulletin is here!

  1. Krazy Kitty says:

    Oooh, I loved Gosford Park, and I had completely forgotten Stephen Fry and Helen Mirren were in there. (Probably because I didn’t know them before, as I had somewhere close to no knowledge whatsoever about the moving pictures.)

    You know of the “Dear Dr. Laura Why can’t I own Canadians” letter, right?

  2. Hey, how cool is that? You’ve got a new radio show! You can’t just say that without telling how it happened….. such a tease!

  3. nuttycow says:

    You’re lucky Gosford Park wasn’t set in Edin – borooo otherwise we’d have had much more to laugh at. (it amuses me that the VO guy couldn’t say Ryan Philippe’s name – especially since RP’s American!)

  4. S.Le says:

    I love Gosford Park and Richard E. Grant and Maggie Smith are two of my favourite actors! The presenter is a bit shite though.

    The new show sounds a bit promising, doesn’t it? Cool! Good luck!

    re: Amish people. The people are not encouraged to actually READ the Bible and are to rely on what their Elders tell them. A lot of what they do has no basis in the Bible’s teachings. A lot of Amish live within a couple of hours of us in 2 directions! They are a tourist attraction. It’s fun to see them roller blading along roads.

  5. Brennig says:

    Annie, we officially take the wraps off the radio show in this week’s podcast. Which you can’t listen to. 🙂

    Mooster, Those prons are just… weird! Thought it was Edin-borrow?

    S. Le, I think the Amish have a degree of freedom, that each community can decide how literal they treat the OT. The Amish in the show were from quite a strict sect that didn’t allow any modern inventions. Roller blading would not be allowed in their strict horse-and-buggy-only community.

  6. Vicola says:

    I watched the Amish thing as well. It was quite interesting but I suspect I wouldn’t fare so well in their community, what with my trouser habit, some of my rather immodest outfits, my thing for shoes and my utter disdain for the idea of ‘submitting’ to my husband. Still, I quite like the idea of not having to use the M60 at rush hour so Amish does have that going for it.