Sending signals

Journalists, WTF? I know the house style of the The Sun is best summed up as ‘aim for the worst of all that is bad in society and then lower your sights 45 degrees further”, but what, exactly, does this headline in today’s copy of the Sun convey to readers?

Doesn’t it convey ‘gay slayer or foreign spy, meh, they’re all the same’? And what is the divine intervention that The Sun journalist has, to enable him (or her) to *know* that either a foreign spy (not a British spy!) *or* a ‘gay slayer’ (what is one of those, anyway?) did this awful thing? Don’t you just love the British tabloid press and the standards they evidently have? Don’t have, I mean.

Listening to music is one of life’s great enjoyments. I spend huge amounts of my time in a world filled with pleasant sounds. The continually-falling price of personal mp3 players and mobile phones with the same capability, coupled with a decent pair of earbuds, have given all of us the opportunity to have a private, portable place of pure phonic pleasure. (yeah, sorry about that alliterative whimsy there) But when I was in London the other day, there were two teenagers on the tube, listening to music on their mobile phones. Without headphones. Let me use different words. A pair of teenagers, sitting and chatting together, were listening to different tracks of music *aloud* on their mobile phones. Did I mention they were chatting over their music? Hey kids, here’s a message for you:

Planning a magazine cover can’t be an easy job. There must be so many different factors to consider…

There has been a significant amount of traffic and chatter about Mary Bale and her alleged feline-binning proclivities. I can’t help wondering what a person with similar tendencies would do if they came across little Koda…

I’ll tell you one thing, I’d rather be in the company of Koda anyday, than having to sit on the tube in the presence of two teenagers, shouting their conversation over the loudspeakered tinny din of two portions of noise pollution.

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5 Responses to Sending signals

  1. Vicola says:

    See, the Sun just doesn’t make things clear. They mention a ‘gay slayer’, do they mean a slayer who is gay or a slayer who kills gays? It’s not clear.

    And you’re right about kids who play their music through their loudspeakers. They’re really bloody annoying and if my taste in music was that shite, I probably wouldn’t want to advertise it to a whole carriage full of people.

  2. Aaaah The Sun. That bastion of impartial news reporting. On an par with The Daily Mail methinks. Actually, come to think about it, every article I have ever read in either publication comes up with bollocks like ‘Gay Slayer or Foreign Spy’. WTF? How far apart can you get? Talk about hedging your non-existent journalist bets……. we need to bring back the death penalty (quote: The Daily Mail).

  3. Masher says:

    Ahh, yes, I read about Mary Bale yesterday… in the Daily Mail (we have a limited selection of papers here). From what I read, Facebook pages have been set up called Death To Mary Bale and such. A touch over the top, methinks, even though it was a nasty thing she did.

    I don’t do Facebook, so cannot (don’t want to) read what is on these pages, but it sounds to me like they must all be Daily Mail readers too.

  4. Mya says:

    I haven’t a clue who Mary Bale is, is she related to Christian Bale? The MI6 chappie was an expert on codes and ciphers, so my guess is he was boshed by someone who was miffed he’d cracked their code. Is gay slayer an anagram for homophobic smearsheet? In a secret language, of course.
    Mya x

  5. Brennig says:

    Vicola: I love the Sun. It is the perfect example of everything that’s wrong with British journalism.

    Annie: Bollocks indeed. Succinctly put! 🙂

    Masher: I’ve seen those Facebook pages. Awful. And there was a big rant by some 12yo kid on YouTube that showed just how tolerant and understanding some people aren’t.

    Mya: You kidder. Everyone knows that Mary Bale is the secret lovechild of Christian Bale and Cameron Diaz. And Christian and Cameron have a cat called Gay Slayer. True!