It’s easy from the ground

Eventing is one of those sports that just looks easy. But not only is there more to it than one might think, there is a kind of social camaraderie to the sport. I toddled down the A34 to Highclere Castle today to watch Owen compete Hayley’s horse Twiglet, and Sam compete on Mobile (pron: Mo-billy). And to do other things as well that may have included food. *cough*

But I remembered my cameras this time. And, what’s more, I also remembered to use them!

So here’s my day at Highclere Horse Trials in pictures. But first, the most important meal of the entire morning…

Start the day the right way

At Highclere I quickly found the crew:

Mobile and his helper, Kath

Barbara. Whose name isn't really Barbara. It's a long story

Sam, Mobile's owner/rider

Owen, Twiglet and his owner, Hayley

Hayley seems to be scratching her bum here

While the equestrians toddled up to the dressage, I went to explore the main arena which, at Highclere, includes a number of strange and wonderful attractions not previously seen at a Horse Trials, including…

Never seen these at a Horse Trials before!

They look like fun!

Can't help wondering how the horses are supposed to climb that

Would love to see a horse on this, too!

A little light refreshment, part-way around

Perhaps a cold drink?

And something hot to eat?

More choices?

An old mate, last seen 15 years ago!

Charlie the Coffee Man, making my cheese & tomato toasties

A proud mum

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