Running away Sunday

We woke up early, fell asleep, woke up later and I delivered tea in bed and decided (with little resistance) that we should take advantage of the blue sky, lack of clouds and falling-from-above water and head for Worcester.

Getting bathroomed and dressed first, obv.

The multi-storey in the centre of the city looked almost deserted by normal weekend standards, the same couldn’t be said for the centre – it wasn’t packed but there were more than enough folk around for this simple country bumpkin.

We headed smartly for Cafe Rouge – they change from breakfast to lunch menu at 12.00, a deadline that we made, but only just!

Sipping hot chocolate whilst waiting for my Crepe Champignon (they do the best ever!) we gazed at the folk.

There was one guy in there with a huge bushy beard that resembled an out-of-control privet hedge. When he lowered his coffee cup we could see that his drink left a line of froth on his draggly moustache. Way unattractive, dude! But here’s a thing. He’d know about it right? I mean, a bushy draggly beard/moustache combo like that, it didn’t just occur overnight would it? So have a little personal hygiene dude. We don’t want to see your food and/or liquid remains. Thanks.

The Lovely S told me off for giving a noisy child the Vulcan Death Glare and I felt admonished. But only very slightly. 🙂

We chatted about nothing much and after a while I dived in to the complimentary copy of The Independent on Sunday.

I’m ashamed to admit that we were in, ordered, eaten, paid and out again in less than 40 minutes – it seems indecently hasty in retrospect.

Then we shopped.

Aren’t Christmas Vouchers the best thing ever?

Today I scored in HMV Abbey Road (The Beatles), Soup (best of Housemartins and Beautiful South) and S scored White Chalk (PJ Harvey). While we were there we also scored an interesting piece of information about a band called Vampire Weekend who have an album coming out tomorrow. HMV were playing the album (as well as some real dross) and it sounded really interesting. Stuff for the future maybe? Watch, listen, wait and see.

Over the road in M&S I acquired a belt. No, not around the ears. The kind that loops through your trousers…

Although we did have a bit of a moment while we were queuing to pay for said item. The Lovely S pointed out that M&S had a Spiderman costume for sale. I asked if I should buy it. Then, I said, I could put it on this evening and jump in through the bedroom door – while she was in bed, natch – in my lovely new Spiderman costume.

The woman in front of us thought this was amusing and asked for photographs. We should have taken her contact details because then I could tell her… it isn’t happening. Not tonight. Not ever.

Then to Costa for more hot chocolate, reading and people watching.

In a way I’m a little disappointed with Worcester today. Not Chavless exactly, but they weren’t in full flood as they usually are.

Then back home for a change (me) then to the yard for big-orange-thing-sitting-on (aka taking Vin for a hack, while The Lovely S drove on in to Detroitwich to do wonderful things with books.

Vin was Full of Beans, A Right Handful and A Barrel of Laughs. The use of caps is to highlight just how manic and stupid he was. We were trotting around one field when he did a massive starfish/spook and telegraphed to me “What the fuck is that?”.

“It’s a tree Vin.”

“Really? Oh, OK. If you say so.”

He really is a complete dickhead sometimes. 🙂

Back at the yard the rest of the horses were coming in for the evening. Trish and I had a long chat about competitions, competition centres, trainers and stuff; it’s useful to have her perspective, I value her experience and her views.

Then The Lovely S arrived and we headed for home (via McD’s where a pair of apple pies and sundaes came in to our possession).

The contraband eaten, an episode of 24 watched and the new albums iPodded, we sit here feeling as though we might need a snack but not a meal while the sounds of new music fill the lounge only just covering Milly the Basset Hound Next Door’s almost continual howling.

It has been a running away Sunday. I should have been digging deep into OU stuff but frankly it’s been such a non-stop fortnight in my world that I needed the time off. And I feel as though my batteries have had a recharge.

It’s another 05.15 alarm tomorrow, the cycle starts all over again.

Except for next weekend. That will be different.


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4 Responses to Running away Sunday

  1. Ginny says:

    That sounds idyllic.

    Lucky gits 😛

  2. Brennig says:

    Hey, you could have joined us two too (except if SG had been there it would have been we three not us two, but YKWIM).

  3. Ginny says:


    I’m learning all sorts of new acronyms talking to you, Bren 😉

  4. Gumpher says:

    I remember Sundays like that in the dim and distant past. This Sunday involved getting up with a shocking hangover after the excesses of a friend’s 40th and taking boy 1 to rugby, and having to run around as one of the coaches was away. Followed by a godawful Sunday lunch as my delightful wife had same minging hangover and had cremated most of the food, followed by swimming with more small children. Awful sentences, but conveys the mood. Coffee and peolpe watching, just once a year would be nice !