Stream of unconsciousness

We are watching the final phase of the Three Day Eventing competition at the World Equestrian Games, in Kentucky.


I am also reading Twitter.

And writing a blog post.

And chatting to Daughter on Skype; as well as rattling on to me, she’s chatting to various friends on various websites.

As well as doing these things, I am also watching a totally hilarious preview for a new film that looks as though it could totally rock suck:

It is obviously a time for multi-tasking.

I haven’t ridden this weekend, instead I find myself looking after two equines who, between them, have seven sound legs.

I have called Vin ‘a big orange twat’ so many times in the last 48 hours, I think he believes it’s his new name, he whickers at me whenever I use it now.


The search for a new contract continues. If things don’t improve soon I’m going to put the horses out on to the street.

But I don’t think Vin would earn much, three-legged thoroughbred horses are probably not in major demand.

I hope that Vin will be sound again by the end of the week, he’s tweaked his near-fore by twatting about in the field like the 3 13-year old he is.

But the big effort continues; a new contract or even a permanent role within a commutable distance.

Soph’s going to be home all week, she starts her new job next week. That’s nice.

And yet…

Using my prophetic skills I can see that there will be mass cleaning.

And tidying.

And rearranging.

Meanwhile, in other news.

The show on UKHDRadio is being moved from Tuesday evenings to Saturday afternoons.

That’s nice too.

I’ve been doing a huge amount of thinking on the nature of social media – and whether or not we use it correctly. I have a partially-formed article on the subject; I might blog it, I might go for publication.

It’s a hell of a topic.

When you sit down and examine the technology in detail, look at the labels and scrutinise the tools, it is a massive area which most of us pick up and use in a cavalier fashion – and in a manner which the tools weren’t originally designed to facilitate.

Half-formed, as I said; I hope to finish it this week.

Daughter has just gone off-line after saying she was going to find something to eat.

An excellent suggestion which I’m going to follow.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re going to do with it, I hope this week treats you well.

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One Response to Stream of unconsciousness

  1. Vicola says:

    Nice to hear news of Vin, even if it is just that he’s a big orange twat, we’ve not had much Vin news of late.