Don’t judge me

My tummy feels as though it’s approximately the size of a Spacehopper. That’s one of these:


Because the Lovely Soph has treated me to an Epic Tea, The Food Of Kings And Emperors.

Macaroni cheese, chips and baked beans. Followed by a mug of tea and lots of Cadbury’s Caramel.

I feel replete.

Good word, that. Replete.

Anyway, a bit of nerdy web-stuff because I am, occasionally, a teensy bit nerdy.

Web-developers have a constant battle making sure that their applications are rendered correctly by the many web-browsers – and the different versions of the many web-browsers that are out there.

Some web-developers use browser-emulators and I found a nifty little browser-emulator for the worst known web-browser in the history of worst web-browsers ever.

So if you’re in the business, here’s the ultimate IE6 emulator.


I have been watching Watchdog!, the BBC’s consumer television show. And as a result I am suffering from a severe case of motorbike envy.

The Kawasaki Ninja ZZR1400 they use is absolutely beautiful.

Isn’t it gorgeous?


In other news.

I need to do some urgent audio editing; the interviews from the Sam Manicom Tortillas to Totems book-launch need to be segmented, backed and scheduled for inclusion in to the show, the audio is overdue.

And tomorrow is podcast night.

And I need to get a show for UKHDRadio recorded and over to the studio.

So that’s top food and motorbike envy done, audio editing and three hours of music to be done.

Sometimes my life is so good!

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7 Responses to Don’t judge me

  1. Gumpher says:

    Macaroni cheese, chips and baked beans

    Good grief, you’re going to spend all of tomorrow farting like a camel with bad guts.

    That is stodge on a plate.

  2. HC says:

    Dear Brennig,

    I find myself edging towards thirty and as I do so, my enjoyment of Watchdog seems to have grown incrementally. Please could you investigaste this phenomenon before I lose my cheeky youthfulness for good.



  3. Bulldog says:

    Those Japanese lay-down-on-the-tank bikes are prostate crushers. We have a name in the States for the folks who drive those crotch rockets – organ donors.

  4. Blimey, that is a weird combination of food – macaroni cheese, chips and baked beans!

    I love the Kawasaki. I haven’t had a motorbike for a couple of years now and recently I have been having the urge to get an organ donor!!

  5. P.S. I tried to use your emulator and it crashed my browser. Is it because I am a numpty and tried to open it in Firefox?

  6. Brennig says:

    Gumpher, There was no farting. My stomach can digest cardboard. I don’t often feed it cardboard but….

    HC, tell us about this strange fascination you have with Anne Robinson. How long have you seen her in this way? Have you been imagining her in naked repose often? *shudder* Please tell me your Watchdog! inclinations aren’t really Anne Robinson-related!

    Bulldog, I’ve been riding bikes for *whispers* a long time. Ironically it’s the car drivers who are more dangerous but the bike riders who pay the cost.

    Annie, The browser ‘crash’ isn’t a crash, that’s how it is supposed to look. I love playing with my cursor in that screen. Nearly the time of year to put away the bike fantasies though, it’ll soon be too cold and slippery.

  7. Hilary says:

    Macaroni cheese and chips is the food of the gods. If only I believed in them.

    Hungry now…