Size doesn’t matter, neither does distance

According to the arbiter of truth and decency, The Daily Mail, one of Andrew and Fergie’s offspring has pranged her BMW.

The Daily Mail tells us that the crunch occurred at the Hyde Park Corner roundabout which is ‘yards from the grounds of Buckingham Palace – home to her grandmother the Queen’.

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According to various mapping software, the distance from Hyde Park Corner to the nearest portion of the grounds of Buckingham Palace is 1 mile.

The distance to the front gate of Buck House is 1.2 miles.

Still, I suppose 1 mile is simply a matter of ‘yards’.

I look forward to the Daily Mail reporting that the Chilean miners have been rescued from a hole ‘yards from the surface’.

And that this planet had a near miss with the moon which passed ‘yards’ away, last night.

I wish I could leave the Daily Mail alone, but it’s like a nasty rash – just has to be scratched.

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3 Responses to Size doesn’t matter, neither does distance

  1. Perpetual says:

    Nothing good comes of reading the Daily Wail Bren, nothing good whatsoever.

  2. Sally says:

    I know what you mean. Everytime I read the DM I want to shout or hit someone … but I keep going back for more! (Only on line though — wouldn’t pay for it!)

  3. It’s grimly fascinating in a gory sort of way.