A dinner date

This is the voice of the Mysterons. We know you can hear us, Earthmen. We are transmitting on all your radio and television frequencies. We will continue to strike when and where you least expect it. At the appoint hour, as the clock is chiming, the wings of the world will be clipped.’
(Introduction to Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, The Trap, series  1, episode 7, first aired 11th October 1967)

I don’t know why, but when Soph and I got home this evening, I just started to recite the first three sentences of that monologue. I couldn’t remember the whole piece though; my brain had obviously deleted the grammatically incorrect sentence and the inaccurate image.


It is that time of the year again.

I have been invited to a school reunion dinner.

And that opens up the big question; do I want to go to an all-male, black-tie dinner, in Wales (obv), with 90 other chaps next month?

The guest speaker is another former Old Boy (I absolutely bloody hate those two words) who is, apparently, a world-renowned poet, writer and and TV presenter.


Do I need to add that I have never been to a school reunion?

What would you do?

In other news.

I keep forgetting to switch on the pedometer on my phone.

This is a hell of a shame, especially given the tremendous amount of walking I seem to be doing – about 6 miles today.

But I can’t be exactly sure because I didn’t switch the bloody pedometer.


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5 Responses to A dinner date

  1. IanB says:

    A pedometer sounded a lot more interesting (and entertaining, when used by wafting your phone at raincoated unshaven shufflers in crowds or public places) than it actually appears to be now I have realised that the syllables, when stressed correctly make the word appear as “Ped ohm eater”. Ah well. In other news: it gives me a brilliant idea for a new iPhone app I can create…

  2. Perpetual says:

    I never go to school reunions, too much hassle and I moved away for a reason!

    Six miles a day? That’s not too shabby, remind me to lend you the dogs one day.

  3. Masher says:

    School reunions – like Friends Reunited – are to be avoided, in my book.

    If I’d wanted to keep in touch with them when I left school, then I would have.

  4. Woah, I was going to umm and arrr about the subject, but then Masher summed it up perfectly.

    But. I do have another perspective… you are all completely different people to the spotty 16 year olds that you once were. Maybe you will re-meet someone who has turned out to be interesting.

    P.S. I have been invited to my ‘first’ reunion this year. Same apprehensions as you…. and I am nervous about going. So you go first and then tell me how it was!.. Go guinea pig, go!

  5. Vicola says:

    Blimey, six miles a day? You’ll disappear Brennig. Have a Mars Bar. Now.

    I’m with Masher. I went to a girl’s school so 90% of the people in my year were vacuous, revolting, sociopathic, breath-takingly self obsessed or an unattractie combination of all of the above. I’d rather spend an evening banging rusty nails into my eye using an antique bedpan than meeting up with them to see who’s had a facelift and listen to how much more than me they earn. If you didn’t like them enough to bother keeping in touch, chances are there are better things you could spend your evening doing.