The new car eats up the miles on what seems to be almost fresh air.

The reported 50mpg is, I think, being exceeded at a steady, no-nonsense, no hard-accelerating 60mph motorway cruise.

The downside is that the new car is a right bugger to start from cold – this morning (yes, look, I know it was minus 6c but that’s not the point!) it really didn’t want to know.

This evening – (well? It wasn’t minus 6c! OK, it was a mighty 1c, but my point here has been made!) it really didn’t want to pick itself up and come home.

Once the engine’s ticking over and the car is on the motorway (dual-carriageway, whatever) it zips along very nicely with the fuel gauge not really wavering off the ‘full’ stop.

Need to sort out that cold start though.


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