A big day out

OMG there’s a guy over there – a student – whose ring tone is ‘Jerusalem’. But not in a good way, I mean in a cheesily cheesy Casio kind of way.

So this morning’s train journey – look, you’ll have to forgive me, I get easily excited by new stuff. And old stuff excites me too, if I haven’t encountered it for a while.

I arrived at my local train station with two minutes to spare, my face glowingly pinkly from the cold, breath steaming on the air, my laptop bag clasped firmly, iPod giving me an episode of No Agenda, feeling much like a ‘new boy’ having his first day at school.

Has it really been so long since I took a work journey by train from my local station?

Yes. Because the train operators have issues carrying passengers where they want to go.

The train arrived bang on time.

And the train was full.

Actually that’s not accurate.

The train was over-full.

If there are no vacant seats and people are forced to not only stand in both ends of the carriages, they also have to queue down the length of each carriage, the train is over-full.

Isn’t that a health and safety violation? Don’t I remember reading that after one particularly awful train crash, the train operators were told that the number of fatalities and injuries was so high because people were forced to stand in lines through the carriages?


I handed over less than £10 for a return journey – which isn’t bad – but I have to stand all the way there – not good.

The standing meant that the conductor gave up trying to collect fares when he looked at how many people were crammed in to the next carriage.

We arrived at the destination – three minutes late but I’m not complaining about that.

Four minutes walk later I arrived at my destination.

How cool is this?

Yes, I did ask you to forgive me for being simple. Perhaps Soph’s right. Perhaps I am a bit simple…

Yeah, and you so don’t need to comment on that last bit. 🙂

We’re on a break right now – looking forward to lunch though – but this morning has been very interesting.

Today I like people.

Except for that student over there with the cheesy Casio ring tone.

I hope he falls on his mobile and accidentally breaks it.

Evil cackle


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