Guilty guilty guilty secret

That little critter is my new addiction. It is *gorgeous*.

But that’s not the problem.

When bought in a ‘value’ pack of eight bars, they cost £0.15p each. I know! How unbelievable is that for a ‘Topic’-sized bar of goodness?



And having 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 no bars of chocolate kicking around the house can be a problem.

But my guilty secret is they come from…


I know.

Shoot me now.

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8 Responses to Guilty guilty guilty secret

  1. Perpetual says:

    Lidl? Lidl? Lidl?

    I am shocked and horrified. Shocked and horrified.

  2. IanB says:

    Lidl is like shopping in a crack den – slightly scary with an indeterminate but overwhelming sense of impending doom…once you taste their horrific offerings, even though you know you shouldn’t, you instantly want more and more and more and more.

    Before long you will morph into a look just like those who shuffle about the den; they who pluck the choicest goods at moral-crunchingly low prices with a deft but shaking flourish of engreased hand and eulogise at all opportunities to those who are not yet part of the Lidl famiglia.

    At the airport: “Anything to declare”.
    Bren and Soph: “Yes, we bought our bed from Lidl. It only cost us 12 quid and came with a free set of fishing lures”.

  3. Sle says:

    …but on the up-side, they do have good prices.

  4. Sle says:

    …oh, and you may want to change my URL in your sidebar, unless you don’t plan to ever visit me again. That would make me very sad.

  5. Brennig says:

    Ian; Lidl, I have discovered, put crack cocaine in their potato salad. I now go there to buy milk, potato salad and chocolate. That’s what I call a shopping list.

    SLe; have updated. Soz for letting it slip out of sync with my Reader.

  6. Lidl was my supermarket of choice while at uni. No guilt here, a girl’s got to eat. Their sweet corn = Best.

  7. Brennig says:

    Hello Dazedlittlemiss. And, and, and, and…. their potato salad has actual crack cocaine in it. That can be the only reason we buy 2 tubs a week.