Food for thought

The office in-house caterer has gone ‘healthy’.

I’ve moaned about the lack of chips and baked beans on the daily menu to so many of the staff that they now join in when I kick that rant off.

I think I need to take a quick sidebar to explain that, being a vegetarian, chips and baked beans is my fall-back.

On days when either the token vegetarian offering is something I don’t eat (e.g. ‘curry’) or – heavens above! – something I just don’t fancy on the day… on those days I’ll take chips and baked beans then load my plate with every type of vegetable on offer.

And that would be lunch.

But today there’s been a development.

The sandwich shop – which is run by the same bunch of caterers – has also gone ‘healthy’.

Today’s selection of pre-packed sandwiches include titles such as:
Coronation chicken
Goat’s cheese and asparagus
Chargrilled vegetables
Gorgonzola pate with proscutto crudo
Shaved cheddar and mediterranean salad

I felt like asking the person at the till if I could have a chip butty.


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6 Responses to Food for thought

  1. Mya says:

    Oh my word. Shaved sheddar? As opposed to what? Hairy? I agree, a chip butty sounds like the safe option.

    Mya x

  2. Mya says:

    Obviously, not sheddar. And anyway, this gives me an opportunity to continue my rant – Coronation chicken????I ask you. Warps and time spring to mind. These caterers don’t exactly live on the culinary edge, do they?

    Mya x

  3. Jonners says:

    Ha, Mya! Exactly my first thought when I read shaved cheddar too! Do they mean finely grated, I wonder? Same thing, surely.

    As a fellow vegetarian, I know what you mean, Brennig. Sometimes it’s nice to know that a reasonably inoffensive pizza or a staple like chips or baked potato is on offer rather than something more likely to be hit-and-miss and/or be offensive to those with whom you have to share office space for the rest of the day…

  4. sooz says:

    Shavings of cheddar probs. You know when you use that never-much-used part of the cheese grater – the side bit with big blades on? That’s what it is. Big thin slivers. Wonderful with fresh parmesan!(not cheddar and parmesan… that would be vile!)

    Coronation chicken??? YEUCH! Classy!

  5. Brennig says:

    I asked the catering guy at Allenshill today about shaved cheddar. He wondered if it meant shaving the mouldy bits off. In no way could this be attributed to the classy people who cater – in a classy way – to the classy customers who work where I work. But it made me smirk. 🙂

  6. flats says:

    Sounds great, but, I always eat something heavier, cose otherwise I can not sleep! Sounds weird…but true! cheers