Meaning what, precisely?

So Adele’s off out chasing pavements, eh?

And people are walking around, digging her song, singing the words, eh?

I wonder if they still would if they knew that “Chasing Pavements” is (and I quote):

Slang term used for the act of specifically searching for a partner with whom to engage in either rimming, frosting or other scat related activities. The term ‘pavements’ is used as a euphemism for buttocks.




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5 Responses to Meaning what, precisely?

  1. Gumpher says:

    ‘Scat related activities’

    Takes all sorts and all that, but why on earth would anyone want another person to pooh on them ? Grim

  2. Brennig says:

    Well… It’s the ‘all sorts’ thing as you say. But sexually speaking I’m very worried about myself. I think I’m a rampant lesbian. 🙂

  3. Gumpher says:

    Lesbianism is the way forward, for all straight males

  4. Jonners says:

    So, cracks in the pavement…?

    Never mind.

  5. Brennig says:

    Jonners! Too funny, just too funny.

    Mind you, it puts the phrase “Step on a back, break your Mother’s back” in to a whole new meaning! Eeew! 🙂