An outpouring

I’m, watching Strictly Come Dancing for no reason other than The Manic Street Preachers are performing. The Manic Street Preachers. On Strictly Come Dancing. Strictly Come Dancing. The Manics.


Anyway, the air traffic controllers strike in Spain is a hell of a story that, surprisingly, isn’t getting the in-depth examination that it should be.

The story behind the story is that Sr. Zapatero has enacted a congressional law that put the striking civilian air traffic controllers under military command. Under this law, any civilian air traffic controller who does not report for duty could be sentenced to two years’ imprisonment.

Out of the establishment headcount of 2,200 controllers, 442 are being reported by the military commanders for prosecution. I’ll be watching the developments of this story with great interest.


Soph and I did this weekend’s show this evening, a radical switch from our normal Friday pre-pizza fest, to a Sunday evening show.

As well as listening to four exceptional pieces of music, we talk about the continuing preparations for our third birthday and our confirmed special guests. And we talk about the need to have a higher degree of organisation behind the scenes. And the increasing demand for web content, and the pressures that these things bring – hence the need for better organisation.

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