We Rock!

The Soph and I undertook a flyingly fast visit to Chav HQ (aka Worcester) this evening, for an Italian meal at, der, Little Venice.

We walked in, sat, ordered, drank, ate, ate again, ate some more, drank again, paid and were out again in fifty-five minutes.

How cool are we?

But my friends there was much strangeness observed.

Girls strolling around the centre of Worcester at 20.00 when the ambient external temperature reached a heady 2c, wearing…

Fuck all Nothing whatsoever.

Well, next to fuck all nothing whatsoever.

When (bearing in mind the temperature) they’re teetering around town in their ‘fuck me’ shoes, micro-skirts and sleeveless summer dresses (it’s 20.00 and plus 2c!!!!) I think that constitutes Fuck All nothing whatsoever, don’t you?

A new phrase was coined – at least I think it’s new (put it this way, I haven’t heard it before so I’m claiming it!)…


Right, it’s 21.29 and that’s bed because the alarm is going to do its stuff at 05.15.



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11 Responses to We Rock!

  1. Mya says:

    Are these people you talk of simple?

    Mya x

  2. hoverFrog says:

    McChavs are the new Morlocks. Sturdy and quick breeding but stupid and vicious.

  3. Harry says:

    But where have they come from.

    We used to talk in heavily generalised terms of ‘working class’, ‘middle class’ and ‘upper class’. The truth is these social strata may have had clear boundaries in Victorian Britain but nowadays this layer cake is more of an upside down cake.

    Business and certainly the City are full of high-flying bonus-earning guys and gals from what we would traditionally term the working classes. Likewise there are plenty of so called middle class people struggling to make ends meet whilst ‘working’ their rocks off. But there is now this new silt of an underclass that has appeared at the bottom of the so called class system and it has only really become apparent over the last , what – ten years? Where have they come from and more importantly – should they be allowed to vote?

    One reads reports of some areas of the country being almost totally dependent on state hand outs of one kind or another. There are whole estates where more than 70% of those of working age are living off the state. Could it be that this new ‘opium of the masses’ mixed with the ever declining standards in our schools, is the source of this depressing, lumpen mass.

    The government will need to be very mindful of this possibility. It is all very well trying to eugenically create some socialist inclined underclass but it may bite them in the arse then the mob discovers it’s collective teeth.

    Take heed Gordon Brown for one day the tumbrils may roll again and when our bludgeoned society screams for mercy all that may be heard will be the roar of ‘Whatevah’!

  4. Brennig says:

    Mya: Well, that’s an interesting question. I don’t feel qualified to answer it. Sorry. And I know you can’t listen to the podcast so I’ll tell you that when I’ve got the bugs ironed out of the ‘outside podcast’ equipment, I’m going to be walking through the centre of Worcester, stopping chavs and asking their opinions on certain local, national and world events. 🙂

    hoverFrog: Oh My God Innit! Tha’s it, innit! You’ve go’it perfik an’ tha’. Wicked. 🙂

    Harry: You’re far too eloquent for me. While I do empathise with much of what you’ve said I do struggle to understand how we’ve come to this place of such blinding… mediocrity. Sometimes I could weep (if I weren’t too busy sniggering at them). 🙂

  5. Harry says:


    You are far too modest. But yes, mock them we should though I fear that within this mediocrity you talk of lies this country’s downfall.

    So in anticipation I have taken up the sport of Chav Hunting – Huzzahh!!

  6. Brennig says:


    Harry, are you equine-orientated?

    If so in choosing that video you’ve displayed an excellent eye. If not you’ve chosen very well by accident.

    The chestnut has wonderful, elevated cadence in its working trot; makes the grey look ordinary.


  7. Stratford Girl says:

    Why??? I can’t stand being cold.

    It’s not just in Worcester, I’ll have you know, either.

  8. Brennig says:

    SG – it’s about showing off every available inch of flesh.

    But it’s not just Worcester? Where else does this occur? 🙂

  9. Jonners says:

    Is it time for a Worcester sauce pun? No? Okay then, right you are.

  10. Brennig says:


  11. Stratford Girl says:

    Ha ha.