Not the brilliant track by Faithless, no.

The disturbed (broken? fractured? unattainable?) sleep pattern.

And not me – not me last night anyway.

Last night I was as unconscious as if I’d been hit on the head by the big unconscious stick wielded by the unconscious fairy from the town of unconsciousness in the land of unconscious, oh yes.

No, last night it was Paula (not that I was with her, I just know) and Jon (though he may have been just getting in from one his raucous parties rather than being unable to get to sleep).

And me, occasionally – I’ll concede the point.

And other folk I don’t know the names of.


Should we set up a club?

We could have the 21st Century equivalent of an electronic version of a secret masonic-style handshake to let other club members know we’re up and pottering (‘putering?) around our respective homes.

What do you think?

I hope you two (and everyone else who had a bad night) got off to sleep ok.

My wake-up thought this morning was Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Just the one.



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One Response to Insomnia

  1. Jonners says:

    :::puffs out chest and falls over at the exertion:::