Broadband? What broadband?

I left this comment on Plusnet’s website a few minutes ago:

I have a complaint – not about Plusnet as such, but about Plusnet’s supplier. I understand that the only way I can complain about Plusnet’s supplier, BT Wholesale/BT Openreach, is by making a complaint about Plusnet, and getting that complaint escalated.

This is what I’m doing.

I have been trying to leave BT Internet and join Plusnet since early February. Our broadband was switched off by BT Internet on 10th February, in preparation for this move.

This clearly means that we are not receiving any internet/broadband service.

We obtained, from BT Internet, a MAC code which was passed to Plusnet on Saturday 12th February.

Since 12th February Plusnet have given us a number of dates for the start of broadband service. All of these dates have passed without being met.

The most recent start date was yesterday, Monday 7th March. 24 hours after service should have commenced I received an SMS from Plusnet to say the switchover has been delayed yet again.

I called Plusnet and was told that the supplier (BT Openreach/BT Wholesale) is having a problem. The supplier is apparently unable to switch us over which means that we continue to have no broadband/internet access.

The supplier has put a further review date (not completion date) on the job of Friday 11th March.

This, clearly, indicates that something is horribly wrong in this operational model – either with Plusnet, or with Plusnet’s management of their supplier (BT Openreach/BT Wholesale).

  • I am making a formal complaint about this continued lack of service
  • I am making a formal complaint about this lack of service even though I have been told that Plusnet are now billing us for a service which we are not receiving
  • I am making a formal complaint about the lack of engagement and abject lack of management, by Plusnet, of their supplier
  • I am making a formal complaint that Plusnet’s supplier seems to be incompetent and clearly lacks the ability to perform their role in any kind of an adequate manner.

I require responses to each of these complaints.

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3 Responses to Broadband? What broadband?

  1. Nice complaint and rant. I’m interested to see how they respond – be sure to post all correspondence 🙂

  2. So basically it is all down to BT. The total wankers. The bastards seem to have a monopaly over the broadband market which means that they can treat their customers however they want. How about a Super-Complaint to Ofcom?