Broadband? What Broadband? (III, the end?)

Late yesterday afternoon the BT Openreach engineer arrived to sort out our lack of broadband.

He was a nice guy, but better than that, he had a lot of technical nous about him.

I told him that we’d had a year of patchy service from BT Internet and that we hadn’t had broadband service since the line was switched to Plusnet.

He plugged things in and ran tests.

Within 20 seconds he said there was no problem here, or on the line, but that there was an issue in the local exchange.

I may have sighed.

Because of the past issues, he ran a more detailed series of tests and also a line/pair test.

There was nothing up with the line that could explain the trials and tribulations we have experienced with BT Internet.

But we knew that all along, really, didn’t we?

He finished his mug of tea and drove to the exchange.

About 4m 20s later, the router told me that it had sync’d with the local exchange.

I may have whooped.

A couple of minutes later we lost the sync, but less than a minute later it came back.

And then he called me.

I won’t embarrass anyone, but let’s just say that my experience in the technical world leads me to believe that if you expect things to work, they generally work better if they’re plugged in.

Yes, that’s right. That’s what the problem was.

Which really does make all of the questions I asked in yesterday’s post, all the more pertinent!

We’re back on broadband now; we get an acceptable 5.8Mbs down- and 400Kbs up.

But the most worthy item to note – outside of our resumed service, obv! – is Plusnet’s communication model.

At every stage of this process Plusnet have faultlessly kept us in touch. Either by email or SMS, I have had updates whenever something was changed in the technical environment, or an update was entered on to Plusnet’s contact manager/customer relationship management system.

Even last night, while we were out, I was receiving notifications that the job had been tested, resolved and would be closed on their helpdesk system.

What’s not to like about this?

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4 Responses to Broadband? What Broadband? (III, the end?)

  1. Clare says:

    Well its about time….. welcome back to normality!

  2. Vicola says:

    Hallelujah, normal service is resumed! Congratulations. And I can’t believe no one thought to check if it was plugged in, that’s the first thing Mr V checks when I phone him bitching that I can’t get the computer to function.

  3. S.Le says:

    Q: How many cups of tea does it take the average Englishman to put up a shelf?

    A: Depends on how big the shelf and how many Englishman.

  4. Please tell me that your broadband is working now? If not, I am gonna twat the next BT Openreach van that I see. And I might get arrested and have to approach you for bail!