Meanwhile in local news

1. The leading/bleeding edge of insomnia bites cuttingly deep once more

2. It’s Gumpher’s birthday (many happies Gumph)

3. Twhirl seems to be on the verge of becoming my Twitter weapon of choice. Twitterific sucks dick like a 20 Euro whore, and Twitterlicious – though functional and doesn’t repeatedly go down on you – well, it lacks something I can’t quite put my finger on

4. I have a (kinda) namesake in Austria

5. Podcast prep for No 9 continues slowly – stone me there’s some dire music out there!

6. Wondering why some people bother to post items on their blogs that they don’t want other people to read, thereby bizarrely skewing the meaning behind ‘Web2.0 functionality’. I am of course talking about passwording posts. What the fuck is that all about?

Meanwhile in our Crazy World of Writing feature…

7. Amazon won’t let a reviewer post book reviews prior to the book launch date (well der! Do the folks at Amazon not imagine that reviewers get their hands on pre-launch books? Treat that as rhetorical if you like)

And sports news…

8. I’m competing twice on Sunday and haven’t even looked at the tests yet, let alone learned the things

And in our little bit witty, little bit quirky closing feature…

9. Loving the way my former school-mate’s voice sounds; his and mine – it must be something in the water (even though I’m far better looking than he is… 🙂 ) though Adam might take issue with Paul’s use of the PodFather handle

And now for the weather wherever you are today, it’s over to Kirsty…


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One Response to Meanwhile in local news

  1. SG says:

    Re no. 6…. I have just posted my first passworded post. It’s not that I don’t want anyone to read it. It’s just that I don’t want EVERYONE to read it. You never know who will be reading…!