10.00 Sunday

Currently watching Hollyoaks (WTF?).

Can’t believe Zack pulled a stunner and had a one-night stand with her.

Can’t believe the morning after Zack said she had hairy armpits and got dumped.

Can’t believe I’m getting in to this crap!


Lovely sunny day out there.

About to have a shower, get shaved, dressed and drive in to Worcester for a breakfast at Café Rouge.

We had a scene last night.

The sceneometer ranked up to the Grosse Pointe Blank level – and that’s seriously high, when I need to take refuge in entertainment of that calibre.

Better today.


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3 Responses to 10.00 Sunday

  1. LizSara says:

    Hollyoaks will drag you in! I love it

  2. Brennig says:

    LizSara: Yeah, that’s what’s worrying me!

    kate1976: Guilty as charged. 🙁

  3. kate1976 says:

    I can’t believe you watched Hollyoaks! Seriously?