Sunday evening 19.47

The time, not the year…

It’s been a day.

We slept clinging to each other, as though we were survivors of a shipwreck, bobbing adrift in the ocean’s waves, not wanting to let go because to let go would mean separation and inevitably… loss.

OK, setting aside the metaphorical imagery for a moment, that’s how we really did sleep.

Clinging to each other.

It’s what we do.

We started with breakfast at Cafe Rouge in Worcester.

Then shopping, Christmas vouchers were finally spent in HMV where my personal haul was:

CD: Iron Maiden – Somewhere Back In Time
CD: Linkin Park – Meteora
CD: Led Zepplin – Four/Symbols
DVD: The Ronin

A little money was spent in Coffee Republic (cake-related things).

Then home to dispose of cake-related things, drink hot chocolate and then to bed.

Later, an episode of House.

Afterwards I threw on clothes and went to the yard, dragged Vin out of the field and spent ages grooming him (he’s still clinging to the remnants of the unclipped portion of his winter coat).

Then schooled – BE Test 102 – in preparation for Llanymynech Horse Trials (where the verdict will inevitably be guilty! – that’s a joke) which is suddenly very close (assuming we survive the ballot).

When I came home we walked to the corner shop, bought a few ingredients for tea, walked back, I prepared (most of) the meal, we scoffed.

Then I backed up the laptop, downloaded outstanding podcasts and synched my iPod while Soph did some ironing.

As soon as I’ve shut the laptop down I’m going upstairs for a shower.

In a few minutes we’re going to bed (shockingly early I know) – where we’re going to treat ourselves with one of the new DVDs.

And sleep.

It’s a very early start for me in the morning.

Tomorrow evening we have a Riding Club 2-phase at Lincomb (show jumping at 18.55, cross country at 20.05).

I’m going to have to leave work early in the afternoon to enable me to get to the yard, get Vin in, groom him, get the lorry out, get it loaded, get him aboard, drive to Lincomb, unload, boot up, tack up, get changed in to show jumping kit and work in prior to 18.55!

Frankly I’m bushed.


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