Wales for the Welsh! (and the ducks)

I drove to Wales, yesterday, to do some filming.

The trip down there (M4, A4042) was a breeze; there were only about 40 morons on the road who should not have been behind the controls of their vehicles.

And the weather was clear – which made the views very pleasant.

But once I’d left the flatlands of the valleys and got up to the mountain top, the scene of the shoot, it rained.

And then it rained.

And then it poured down.

Here’s a quick video of (some of) the drive down there.

Unfortunately, because of the torrential downpour, the film I shot while I was up in the mountains is unusable.

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6 Responses to Wales for the Welsh! (and the ducks)

  1. Masher says:

    Oxford to Wales in four minutes and nine seconds… that’s pretty good going.

    And of course it’s going to rain: it’s Wales, for chris’sake!

    But the countryside is beautiful there, isn’t it? Just how green was your valley?

    • Brennig says:

      Funny you should ask. I drove up to Blaenavon (which is on top of that mountain I parked in front of), and that place was the setting for ‘How Green Is My Valley’.

  2. Mya says:

    Cracking Jack Russell!
    Mya x

  3. Bloody hell, I lived in Wales (Caerphilly) for a year and a half and still vividly remember the rain. It was always bleedin’ raining!

    My Dad has a house in Blaenavon so I have been there loads. It rained a lot there too. But the ‘Big Pit’ is a marvellous tourist attraction – have you been?

    • Brennig says:

      I may have lived in Wales for a decade or so longer. 🙂 I’ve been down the Big Pit but when it was a working colliery, as a special guest of the colliery manager. Haven’t been down the tourist attraction. I went to junior school in Forge Side (where Big Pit is), we lived in Blaenavon for 10 years before moving down to Llanover.