Well that’s it.

As of right now, I rattle around in this house by myself. Even Dog has left me.

Still, on the good side…


Yeah, my cup runneth over. Not.

In other news…

The gardener who may have turned up this afternoon didn’t. There’s always tomorrow. He did say either Friday or Saturday.

I need to shop tomorrow for things. And I need to vacuum the house. And do ironing.

I love that there’s someone from University of Worcester who is so all over this blog trying to find the secret one. Because I’d link to it here and that wouldn’t affect the integrity of the secrecy, would it?

I’ve decided that I’m giving up on girls. I’m just going to live my life consumed by music and masturbation.

It being Friday, I should really get a show out this evening but, frankly, I’m a bit wiped out after today’s removal activities. Not too sure I could handle 45 minutes in front of the microphone.

Or maybe I will, later.

We’ll see.

Feelings, right now: apprehensive, nervous, anxious, worried, but not too much down.

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One Response to Ch-ch-changes

  1. Vicola says:

    You know if you fill your days with computers, music and wanking you are in danger of becoming one of those weirdos you see on Crimewatch whose freezer is full of meals for one and body parts don’t you? We dont’ want that.