Not much mentile here!

It is perfectly acceptable to be vacuuming the upstairs of the house at 1am, isn’t it?

And equally normal that, once the vacuuming has been finished, the layout of the studio should be modified? And then recable it, too?

Yes, I thought so too. Thanks for that.

I plan on hitting the nice, new, shiny (and very clean) studio with a vengeance today.

This weekend’s show has to be recorded and produced, as a matter of urgency.

As well as making the physical alterations and improvements to the studio, I have made a config change to the audio software. It will be interesting (for geeky little me, at least) to check for differences. There shouldn’t actually be any audio difference, but the config change will enable me to monitor elapsed time much more accurately.

After the show has been produced, I’m going to crack on with guitar practice in there. I’ve been a bit lax, in recent weeks, at keeping up with this and although I am improving at a moderate pace, I need to get much better, much quicker.

I am also going to use the newly-shifted-about studio as a place to write. This change has been in my head for *ages*, but I couldn’t figure out how to come up with a layout, in what is quite a small space, that would suit show production, rehearsal room and writing place, all in one package.

I  think I’ve finally come up with the right layout; I’m keen to put that to the test today.

Outside of the studio, I need to buy an ironing board and crack on with some ironing.

Maybe I’ll save that for 1am tomorrow morning?

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