Sunday catch up

It has been, as you might imagine, an eventful few days.

I’ll try and summarise, without going in to too much detail.

On Friday evening I met up with a few good friends in that London.

We had excellent and plentiful food and *cough* alcohol and, possibly as a direct result of the alcohol, there was a degree of talkage.

I spent the night in a hotel in Paddington and when I say ‘spent the night’ I mean ‘got two hours sleep.

On Saturday evening we went to see Frisky and Mannish at the Oxford Playhouse.

They were excellently funny.


I got a parking ticket.


Today I did a little washing, a little ironing, a significant amount of people-seeing and socialising.

I got asked to consider taking a person from my equestrian circle as a lodger; an attractive and dangerous idea which I declined forcefully.

Then I spent three lifetimes fruitlessly shopping for a piece of bedroom furniture.

And I’ve downloaded the guitar chords for three Missy Higgins tracks (‘Angela’, for which I have subtly altered the lyrics, ‘Special Two’, which I’m going to keep intact, and ‘Where I Stood’ which I’ll also keep intact).

Additionally, I have slightly edited one of the pages on this website (not telling you which one, you’ll have to guess!).

And spent some time reading the ‘Rules’ page.

That was a shocker, reading the rules, because it made me realise that I have been overly harsh and not considered the feelings of others – as my rules plainly say I would.

At the time I was angry and bitter and I let my anger and bitterness get slightly out of control.

I didn’t let them get out of control to the point where I was going to wreak physical punishment on anyone, even though that thought did (briefly) occur at 3am.

But I did let things get out of control, to the point where I publicly vented in a calculated, hurtful manner.

And that disappoints me; I fell off my own standards bandwagon.

I will try hard not to let that happen again.

Oh yes, and my friend Dave bought three months’ access in my name. He won’t be my friend Dave for much longer.

And that’s the last few days through my eyes – or as much as you’re going to get, bearing in mind the guidelines in the Rules page.

How’s yours been?

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2 Responses to Sunday catch up

  1. Vicola says:

    Friday night – quiet one.
    Saturday night – Ate at least my own bodyweight in meat at Bem Brasil followed by gallons of cocktails and kareoke. Fell out with Mr V because he sailed straight through ‘happy drunk’, spent some quality time in ‘smartass drunk’ and landed arse first in ‘The Party Asshole’. Ended up pouring the stupid sod into a taxi and taking him home.
    Sunday – quiet one for me, very very quiet, no sudden movements, quality time in the bathroom one for Mr V.
    This is what comes of not following my sage advice ‘you might want to slow down the drinking now honey, you’re being a twat and it’s going to hurt tomorrow’.

    Glad to hear you had a nice weekend.

  2. Vicola says:

    Me again. Having just backtracked through the posts I missed because I went AWOL for a bit, I’d have to say don’t beat yourself up about dropping standards briefly. It might not have been advisable but it’s certainly excusable, you are after all only human.