And so to bed

Yeah, I know that it’s only 19.26 (the time not the year).

But you know?

It would be really most excellent to be doing the going to bed thing right now.

I’m so tired.

I could do with a shower.

And brush my teeth.

And then just slide between the crisp white sheet and the lovely duvet.

With a good book close at hand (still working on the Haldeman).

Why am I so tired?

I really don’t have the faintest idea.

I just am.

Today, though, I have:

Migrated my iTunes library from the dear old laptop over to The World’s Fastest Laptop
Sorted out a drive mapping problem on the dear old laptop
Fixed an indexing problem on my iPod that’s been exercising my braincells for a couple of days
Driven to the yard, got Vin in and spent much happy time grooming him before and after work
Schooled Vin (flatwork), concentrating on evenness and balance in transitions
Stripped and cleaned the bridle
Stripped and cleaned the dressage saddle (leaving the jumping saddle still to do)
Washed out one of the grooming boxes and made it ready for Saturday
Watched Alien Vs Predator (AVP) – one of the pantest films in the history of pantsdom
Watched the last 20 minutes of Sleepless in Seattle
Watched the last 45 minutes of Hitchcock’s The Birds – now that really is a scary film (though there’s a really stupid bit in it when, during the height of the bird attacks in Bodega Bay, a radio announcer says ‘Bodega Bay has been cordoned off’. Why’s that then? To stop any more birds from driving in?)

I think the shower’s calling.

And then maybe – just maybe – the bed.


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