Shopping (trolley) karma

Is karma – because it is a circular thing, right? – subject to pressures being exerted on it?

Is it like shopping trolleys at Morrison or Tesco (insert name of other supermarket here), sometimes operates on an even keel, gets where it was intending in a smooth, flowing, effortless way leaving it – and the karmic user – glowing with pride at the ease of the journey?

And does it sometimes wibble and wobble its way erratically – sometimes down the chosen path, sometimes straying beyond those boundaries – until it eventually reaches the objective, leaving it – and the karmic user, again – flushed with the effort, sweating and exhausted with the exertion that the journey took?


So to the guy who pushed in front of me at the check-out in Tesco this morning with his shopping trolley FULL of food – enough food to feed an average family of two adults and two point four children for twenty-three months! – while all I had was a sandwich and a pot of melon, I would like to say something.

Ha ha!

Or, to put it another way, you have been the victim of a karmic cycle my friend.

Did you notice that when you obstructed me with your heavily laden shopping trolley that there was a shiver in the spiritual world?

Did you get the vibration that you were going to be repaid for shutting me out when I should have been first?

Did you feel cheated when the cashier that called you forward was the trainee, having her first day on the till and under the supervision of a more experienced member of staff?

Did you notice that the person who called me forward was Ms Extremely Efficient who had my two (count them big boy!) items scanned, payment accepted and change proffered in record time?

Do you even care that right now you are still standing at the checkout in Tesco while the trainee is painstakingly scanning each of your 47 billion items while I have had time to collect a Latté, walk back to my office, sit at my desk and type this post out?

The fates are laughing at you my friend.

You forgot the golden rule.

Be Excellent To Each Other.

Oh yes.


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3 Responses to Shopping (trolley) karma

  1. Citronella says:

    I hate to be that trivial but… what’s a pot of melon?

  2. Brennig says:

    Hiya C. A pot of melon is a 1/2Kg pot full of bite-sized chunks of mixed variety of melon. A dietary must! 🙂

  3. Citronella says: