Despite last night’s cider and almost-frozen vodka chasers, I feel remarkably excellent today.

Finding myself partially-dressed, when I got out of bed, confused me slightly, but we’ll just gloss over that for now.

My Twitter stream, from last night, seemed terribly amusing at the time.

Slightly less so, in the cold light of morning.

Oh well.

Heike went to bed complaining about the food baby she was carrying.

Yes, I’ll admit I got the quantities of last night’s Chinese sweet and sour stir-fry a little wrong.

But she hardly eats enough to keep a sparrow alive, so it’s not really my fault, is it?

Today I’m going to be madly busy.

And we’re going to a gig this evening to see, amongst others, Black Hats (a fine trio of energetic talent, who purvey musical thuggery for their own enjoyment, as much as for anyone else’s).

The chaps have promised to ply me with alcohol.

Pints of crème de menthe and crème de cacao have been mentioned.


Heike leaves tomorrow.

This makes me sad; her company (not to mention her arse-kicking) has helped put me on the right track, and helped do it much quicker than I should reasonably expect.

I’m spending tomorrow (Saturday) night in Peterborough.

On Sunday I have an afternoon meeting in Lapworth.

And in between these things I have the usual domestic and equine duties to crack on with.

Sadly, on the equine front, the Vin-related news is not good.

The vet has said that the entire left-half of his head is paralysed, due to nerve damage.

We’re giving him a week before the vet comes back for another look.

But if there is no improvement, the prognosis is terminal.

I want to say something really profound here, but the bottom line is that we wait and see.

Wait and see.

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6 Responses to And?

  1. Perpetual says:

    Dear god, what happened to Vin?

    Seems like you had a fun filled and busy week (from your Tweets), suspect this was just what you needed.

  2. nuttycow says:

    Poor ol’ Vin – what happened?

  3. Brennig says:

    Vin had a relatively minor ‘leading out’ accident. But unfortunately he panicked and damaged himself.

  4. Gumpher says:

    Sorry to hear of Vin’s injury.

  5. Lis of the North says:

    Awh, Bren. Vinnie…. Hoping the vet comes back to find better, um, findings. Poor wee soul. Your big orange nutbag. Hugs.

  6. Brennig says:

    Thanks both.