No more, no more

For everyone, especially the good kind and generous folk I hang around with on Twitter, who has given me so much detailed help and advice in the last week, we had the conversation a little earlier.

Me: ‘So tell me, why should I give you access to my life?’

Her: ‘That’s a good point. You shouldn’t’

So I turned on my heel and walked out of her flat without looking back, because when even she can’t give me one single reason, it’s time to leave.

I’m looking out for me, from now on. It’s a strange and uncomfortable position but it’s the right attitude to take.

I have nothing else to add to the subject.

The door is shut.

Divorce papers will be filed on Monday.

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6 Responses to No more, no more

  1. Caroline says:

    “And that, my friend, is Closure.”

    Thinking of you xx

    • Brennig says:

      Thanks for the thoughts, Caroline. Yeah, closure of a kind. At last I feel as though I’m in the driving seat.

  2. Cabmerlot says:

    Not easy to do. But, you have. xx

  3. Bulldog says:

    Not that the decision is made, it will become easier. Not simple, not painless, but easier. I with you the best.