This Reality – Podcast No 15

Episode 15 (31 minutes running time)

There’s a gap in the middle of this episode when track 2 failed. Please bear with it. I’m sorry. Something failed, I don’t know what and it took me completely by surprise – hence the gap!

It’s Sunday morning in rural Worcestershire and…

Citronella and Adam Curry do some introductions to Episode 15 which was recorded on a brilliantly sunny Saturday.

And I’m totally knackered.

Shot to bits.


But full of adrenaline.

And other stuff.

We begin with a look at how music is chosen for This Reality – and what happens when someone else wears the same dress at a party. :-)

We start the musical ball rolling with a real toe-tapper – 28 by Starewell (and a quick nod to Soph).

The second musical experience went a little wrong but I’ve decided to leave it in because I love it.

It’s Lin McEwen and Best of Me. It just has some kind of beautiful quality about it.

We leave the musical bandwagon with the talented Will Deynes and Better Way.

In between the music we have…

A lovely email, from Janis at Northeastern State. Janis tells us a nice amount of information about her lifestyle and hopes for the future.

A look at a couple of news stories from the Spanish reality, then ask the question when is being religious not being religious?

Our final discussion is Dr Who related. But not in a good way! :-)

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2 Responses to This Reality – Podcast No 15

  1. Janis says:

    What was the thing that you said the Spanish government would have handed back to them, so they would know how many people lived in their country?

  2. Brennig says:

    The N.I.E. It’s the ‘exterraneos’ ID card. Everyone who lives in Spain is required to have one. The NIE is for non-Spanish people and the NIC is for Spanish born-and-bred folk. Without an NIE you can’t register with doctors, get in to the Spanish public service system etc.