Parental advisory; Friday evening

No beds were broken during these events

Another working week dead and buried, I arrived at the yard looking forward to schooling.

Except Vin had just been fed, which put him out of the picture for an hour plus.

So instead I took the lorry down to the petrol station and tanked up with diesel.

It was very thirsty after last weekend’s 200+ mile round-trip!

Back at the yard Soph and I exchanged texts and arranged to meet up at a venue for dinner – so Vin got an unexpected night off and Soph and I had a treat.

During the course of the meal Soph leaned forward and quietly told me that she’d been feeling very naughty during the day.

Aside from the promise of rudeness, the meal was OK – nothing special, you know?

Just OK.

We got home at 20.50.

We were in bed by 20.55.

I was painfully hard, Soph was wet and ready.

I think we fucked for about an hour – short by our standards, but Soph’s orgasm was very enjoyable to watch.

And feel.

It took the urgency out of the situation.

And made her very smiley.

For a while.

But later we fucked again; dirtily, with words and thoughts that spurred us on.

She writhed on my hard-on; breathlessly, as we made each other groan.

Less time, about 45 minutes.

More smiles.

I cuddled up to her while Big Brother played on the TV.

I fell asleep.

Instantly, I think.

And was woken about 01.00.

Being groped to hardness.

Then she sat astride me and we fucked again.

This third time lasted about an hour too.

And now I’m awake.

And she’s not.

So I’m downstairs looking for things to occupy my mind.

While Soph’s upstairs, sleeping, dribbling on the pillow.

I have half a mind to slide in to bed and wake her up with my erection.

Just to see if we can find somewhere tight and moist to put it.

But instead I think I’ll just try for some more sleep.

For what’s left of tonight, at least.


I think I can hear movement upstairs.

Perhaps I’ll go and see what’s what.


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