Networking Nomenclature

So here we are, my friends, in the house in Brixton.

Nice, isn’t it?

Huuuuuuge modern kitchen, yes indeed.

A garden, with much greenery and table and chairs (where, as you can see, I’m currently reposing).

Can I say that?


In context I mean?


I’m out here making myself comfy.

The suitcase is unpacked.

The food shopping has been put away.

I’m thinking about a cup of tea.

If I think hard enough, will one materialise on the table in front of me?


No, I didn’t think so.

But it was worth a go.

Ooh, ooh, ooh!

I bought an Oyster card today.

I found out that it actually has nothing to do with cruelty to oysters which, as a card-carrying vegetarian I wholeheartedly approve.


Don’t be bonkers.

I meant, obv, that I wholeheartedly approve of not being cruel to oysters.


It (the Oyster card), allows me to travel on the London transport system.

For a fee.

So actually, ‘allows me to travel’ is dangerously close to being not 100% correct, in a factual kind of way.

But anyway.

More London stuff later.

Back to the here and now.

Tea still not made.

Either variety of the word – liquid or solid.

Pasta and tomato and mushroom sauce tonight.

I bought the ingredients lunchtime.

Which wasn’t the reason for this post.


You didn’t think there were reasons behind any of my posts, did you?


The only thing I’m missing right now (apart from tea – either variety which, actually, makes this sentence gramatically imperfect but hey, live with it dude!) is…

An internet connection.

Yes I know, there’s one upstairs in the office.

But I’m used to the lazy version, the non-wire version.

The ‘you can have broadband wherever you go’ variety.

My laptop tells me there’s lots of them around here.

But they don’t belong to this house so I’m going to ignore them.

But their names pop up in my WiFi detection box.

And that’s the reason for this post.

Hence the name, geddit?

Which leads me to names.

Here’s some of the best of the local (private) WiFi networks that are registering on my radar right now…

Dude, we stopped using vacuum tubes in electronic gear about fifty years ago! If your WiFi gear is actually composed of a series of tubes… well… I just don’t believe it. Of course, you could be talking about yourself I guess. Which would make the name more or less correct.

Bristol City
Dude, dude, dude, dude… Brixton. Not Bristol. Pay attention at the back. B.R.I.X.T.O.N. C’mon! Keep with it.

Is that in an arty crafty kind of way? Or a Fagin kind of way? I need to know and I need to know right now!

That’s enough WiFi names for now.

Perhaps I’ll do more later.


Perhaps I’ll write about a whole different subject later.

Names of types of pasta, for example?


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One Response to Networking Nomenclature

  1. Gumpher says:

    Up in the smoke for a bit then ?

    Your snot will turn black, or is it just me that has snot that is ultra sensitive to pollution ?