All-Time Top 25 Tunes (post 16)

The sixteenth track in my All-Time Top 25 Tunes is number one (A), ‘Comfortably Numb’ by Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd are a band who has been with me from my teens.

Together we have travelled around the world.

We have seen fire, flood, plague and pestilence. We have recovered together in hospital from a variety of life-threatening injuries.

We have been through a wedding.

And the band are supporting me as I go through the impending divorce.

So we have a history, Pink Floyd and I; a long, eventful and sometimes glorious history.

I know their entire back-catalogue.

Of all of Pink Floyd’s work, ‘Comfortably Numb’ is one of two musical benchmarks that no-one else has come close to eclipsing.

Dave Gilmour’s epic two-part guitar solo is always a joy to listen to.

The rhythm guitar part, so carefully hidden, is a challenge to play well (I speak from sore-fingered experience).

And the two-part vocals are just brilliantly delivered.

So I cheated with my ranking system?


I couldn’t choose between this track and the other one, that’s why this is Number One (a).

Sue me.

(no, don’t!)


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2 Responses to All-Time Top 25 Tunes (post 16)

  1. Sally says:

    Love this too.