All-Time Top 25 Tunes (post 19)

The┬ánineteenth track in my All-Time Top 25 Tunes is number four, ‘Surf’s Up’ by Jim Steinman.

I agonised for hours over which Meatloaf track should be in my All-Time Top 25.

Without the seminal ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ album’s influence, my musical life could have been so different.

And so might my teenage years.

Eventually I decided to bypass the performer and go to the writer, producer and lesser-known performer of much of Meatloaf’s work.

Jim Steinman.

I’ve chosen ‘Surf’s Up’ (rather than anything from Bat Out Of Hell) because in here you can hear almost all of the work Jim Steinman wrote and produced for Meatloaf, as well as a musical link to work he wrote and produced for Bonnie Tyler.

So this is a kind of a subtle musical montage.

Sort of.

Steinman’s performance isn’t as magnetic as that of Meatloaf, but as the author of the piece, he brings his own personality to the party.

And what a party.

Surf’s Up, a tale of teenaged sexual pleading.

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2 Responses to All-Time Top 25 Tunes (post 19)

  1. Masher says:

    That was weird. It was like listening to Meatloaf… before his balls had dropped.

    • Brennig says:

      Absolutely, Steinman is a tenor compared to Meatloaf’s baritone. But he wrote and produced all of Mr Loaf’s songs, so I’ve given Steinman pride of place.