All-Time Top 25 Tunes (post 25)

The twenty-fifth, and final track, in my All-Time Top 25 Tunes is, despite my anarchic numbering system, number twenty-five, ‘Beyond The Sea’ by Bobby Darin.

I had a number of versions to choose from, but Bobby Darin’s work has produced what is, for me, the ultimate ‘end credits’ song.

That’s why it’s here.

What could be more fitting, for my All-Time Top 25 Tunes, to have the ultimate ‘end credits’ song accompanying you, as you walk out of the auditorium?

I hope you’ve enjoyed the show.

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2 Responses to All-Time Top 25 Tunes (post 25)

  1. Bulldog says:

    We obviously have significant diferences in musical tastes. I’ve only heard eight of the 25 you listed. The only overlap on my 25 would be Jackson Browne and Led Zeppelin.

    • Brennig says:

      Hi John,

      The big thing I like about music is that it is subject to veering subjectiveness.

      Which is why, in these posts, I’ve tried to highlight *why* these tracks mean so much to me; what was occurring in my universe to make these pieces of music so special.

      I recognise that they’re not all tremendous works of the highest art.

      But they are all tremendously important to me and my development as a thinking, caring human being..

      And that’s what this list celebrates.