All-Time Top 10 Films (No 9)

The ninth  film in this very personal list of my All-Time Top 10 Films is ‘Love Actually‘.

And I can offer you two choices of musical soundtrack:

The morbidly amusing (this song was played at a funeral, on the request of the deceased):

Or the emotionally pulling:

In my world, Richard Curtis is a writer who can do little wrong. His credits are legion and varied, and his work, usually, is a joy to read or watch.

Love Actually is a schmaltazy RomCom packed with cliché. Yet the characters are believable. The scenes and settings taste real and the dialogue (who can forget Martine McCutcheon’s ‘Where the fuck is my fucking coat?’) is instantly credible.

And it has an epic soundtrack.

I’d go as far as saying that Love Actually is one of the ‘must see every year’ Christmas films of its generation.

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