All-Time Top 10 Films (No 7)

The seventh film in this very personal list of my All-Time Top 10 Films is ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”.

I love this film. Well yes, obv, otherwise it wouldn’t be number seven on this list, would it?


But Ferris Bueller’s Day Off breathes innocent escapism through almost every frame.

Except for the final scene, where the unfortunate thing happens with the car.

This film is not about young people exploiting the rules and structures of a more senior world.

It’s about freedom and expression and moving beyond the confines of a staid and uncreative domain.

And it’s also about showing the grown-ups how things used to be.

You know, back in their day.

Before they got sucked in to a world of defined by rules lacking all creativity.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot.

It’s also about three kids bunking off from school for the day, and having a riotous time.

What, you’ve never bunked off school?


I did.

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