All-Time Top 10 Films (No 1)

The Number One film in this very personal list of my All-Time Top 10 Films is the chilling, thought-provokingly outstanding ‘Intacto‘.

Here’s the theatrical trailer:

This Spanish-made independent film production calls on one major screen presence – Max von Sydow – and a cast of lesser-known names.

Similarly, the production, directorial and writing staff will leave the faces of most film buffs completely blank.

The story is one that will come back and worry your subconscious when you least expect it.

You will find yourself thinking about aspects of the film when you’re driving somewhere, or out doing the shopping.

One of the scenes is so disturbingly powerful that Editors featured it in their hit song ‘Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors’ (that song, coincidentally, features in my All-Time Top 25 Tunes at Number Eight!):

Pull the blindfold down,
Until your eyes can’t see.
Now run as fast as you can,
Through this field of trees.

And now to the film, the précis is simple.

We know people who we regard as being lucky. Similarly, we know people who we think of as either being singularly unlucky, or who have more unlucky spells than most of us.

‘Intacto’ takes the position that ‘luck’ is a commodity which a few people can steal, add to their own supply, and be even luckier.

We’ve seen things – even if on the television – and thought ‘Wow, s/he was really lucky to survive that crash unharmed’, haven’t we?

In it’s own way, ‘Intacto’ takes an innocent stab at explaining why some people might be luckier than others.

It also shows the dark side of ‘luck’, what might happen when groups of people choose to test how lucky they are.

I love the articulate intelligence of this film.

Don’t be put off by the large swathes of Spanish dialogue (they are subtitled in to English); if you are in a position to see this film, I’d encourage you to watch it.

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4 Responses to All-Time Top 10 Films (No 1)

  1. Masher says:

    Not seen it. Not sure I’ve even heard of it.
    But the trailer has intrigued me enough to add it to my list of wannasees.

  2. Jack says:

    You have eclectic tastes, my friend, seriously eclectic – but that’s a good thing. I have seen seven of the ten, but the only one that transfers to my list is the Bourne trilogy. I watch any time any of the three is on TV.

    Not that it’s a bad list – it’s just doesn’t coincide with mine.

    • Brennig says:

      What we like is part of who we are, isn’t it/aren’t they? Intacto happened just when I was hitting advanced levels of Spanish. I love lists like these. Writing and reading, obv. And thanks, Jack, for your repeated visits and comments. xx