BB9 – the zoo expands

Just when, with the eviction of the odious Jennifer (Jen) Clark (who received a decimal point under 90% of the vote, so perhaps ‘odious’ is nowhere near strong enough!), you thought it was safe to dangle your toes in the shallow end of the gene pool, the Big Brother staff have given us a nightmare of almost equal proportions.

Belinda Belinda Belinda (as she introduced herself to everyone) is already making my skin crawl.

And why the strange introduction?

Because, she says, if you say your name three times no-one will ever forget it.

No dear.

If you say your name three times and then repeat the mantra, and repeat it again, and again, and again… then people will think you’re in love with the sound of your own name being carried by your own voice.


Not everyone is as mentally retarded as you are – and we’re actually capable of remembering a person’s name.

Perhaps the reason why you have to say your name three times is because you’re an instantly forgettable person?

Annoying yes, but forgettable.

And irritating.

To the point where we want to just push your name right out of our heads because, let’s face it, there are far more valuable pieces of data than your name.

Like, for example, the fact that next door’s cat has had a dump underneath Soph’s car this evening.

See what I mean?

Far more valuable.

But, come next week’s evictions, things aren’t that simple – it isn’t Belinda Belinda Belinda or someone else.

It’s between Belinda Belinda Belinda and the vastly irritating Rebecca (Becks or Bex) Shiner.

How can we choose between these two awful examples of humanity?

It’s a tough call.

And yet, at the same time… so easy.

So come in Rebecca (Becks? Bex?) Shiner.

Your time is up.


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3 Responses to BB9 – the zoo expands

  1. Trixie says:

    belinda belinda belinda looks so familiar to me. I SWEAR I know her from somwhere! I’m just watching BB now, she’s going on about wearing only black and white.

  2. Trixie says:

    Oh and even though I’m an aussie, Sarah’s accent is getting on my nerves!

  3. Brennig says:

    Belinda Belinda Belinda looks kinda familiar to me too. Is this where we begin to suspect that she’s really a famous actor guy in drag? I mean, with all the snoring she’s pumping out, she could be a man!

    Soph does the most brilliant twangy Aussie accent. Comes of having lived there for a year. But she sounds just like Danni Minogue. Or Sarah. Or Barry Humpries. 🙂